La Duencento 2017

La Duecento 2017 in aller Kürze:

  • Schöner Beginn, guter Wind und angenehmes Wetter am Tag 1.
  • Zuerst Flaute und dann Winddreher auf SE; Wind deutlich zunehmend bis ca. 30 kn; danach Regen, Bora und viel, viel zu kalt am Tag 2.

La Duecento 2017 in short:

  • Nice start, good breeze and beautiful weather on day 1.
  • Day 2 brought very light winds in the beginning followed by a windshift to SE and increasing winds – up to 30 kn -. At the end of the day rain, Bora and extremely cold (way too cold actually) for beginning of May.

Nachfolgend einige Race-Impressionen / here are a few race impressions:

Race Briefing
Crew Party
Getting ready to race
Testing the new gennaker II sail
We are sailing!
Time for rest
Good speed with screatcher and jib
Making goof progress
Sailing is beautiful 😉